Create and share poll using QR-codes
Audience information flow
Use every where
No matter where you are — at а conference or а school prom, you can always use our service. Think of а new use for it.
Fast, easy communication as equals, students see that feedback is important from them. lt's not about engaging. lt is about а psychological component in the learning process. Ease of polling and using а smartphone has а positive effect. Collect statistics on your material. Huge date base for tuning educational material.

Diversify your lectures.
Get to know your audience in а matter of minutes. Make your content flexible. Just interact with the audience and get to know it closer to present the information correctly. How to organize it, if the audience is large? Show on the screen your poll Qr-code and get the information from the audience. Adapt the material under the audience in real time.
The quiz is а kind of activity that involves in its process more than the final result. Minutes of stress when calculating the results are invaluaЫe. Make this point clear convenient and interesting. And it works from home quiz to а major event.
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lncreases participant's engagement;
Use the smartphone as а point of contact with the audience;
Get clear answers through anonymity;
lmprove learning results;
Collect responses in real time.
For everyone
Find out what your audience looks like,
what it is waiting for you
Find out what your groupmates think
about your topic
Find out how many students have
learned the material you showed
Organizers Training Courses
Find out what material your listeners
find most useful
Competitions organizers
Let the audience choose the winner
bу electronic voting
Event organizers
Get feedback about your event and
make it better next time
Easy to use
Ask а question
lnsert QR-code into presentation
Collect response and follow results
in real time
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